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Progressive rock, concept albums and meaningful lyrics combined with overly long compositions.

My Music: Rodeo Man

Composed in 2009, this tune was first made up of three acoustic tracks: vocals, guitar and percussions. Later it was spiced up with some whistling, backing vocals and a bassline. The most important addition though was the violin, played by my workmate Jani K. It added a more real country-feel to the whole thing. The percussions are played using some fruits and a dishbrush-bongo -combo.

This is a very straightforward acoustic mix with only acoustic instruments played live. Almost everything is tracked using the Presonus Evreka, except for the bass-guitar which is tracked using a Focusrite channelstrip. The mics used here are an AKG C-414 and an AKG C-391. The reverb is a Great British Spring -springreverb.