Thomas Music and Stuff

Progressive rock, concept albums and meaningful lyrics combined with overly long compositions.

My Music: Ordinary Day

This is an older song from 2007. The sound is not great, but quite a few people still like it so I decided to publish it here. A pretty straightforward acoustic songs, one of the first all-acoustic (well, it has an electric bass) songs I’ve made. The mixing is nothing unusual; mixing into groups with buscomp’s all over and a mastering compressor/limiter at the end. This one also uses the Aphex Compellor as a final comp, just before the Kjaerhus Limiter.

The song is about ordinary people, during an ordinary day, doing ordinary things. People like you and me.

My Music: Fighterjets

Composed in 2009, this is a song that took 2 hours to compose and record and finish. It consists of three tracks: a synth, a harmonica and vocals. The harmonica is played thorugh a Northpole-filter for that unrecognizable sound.

Everything is squeezed together and crushed into a squarewave-like mastering using the TC X3 and a Kjaerhus MPL1-pro.