Thomas Music and Stuff

Progressive rock, concept albums and meaningful lyrics combined with overly long compositions.

My Music: Breakfast with Angels

Loosely based on ideas in Bulgakovs ‘Master and Margarita’, this song is about the apparent ease between good and evil.

My Music: Submariners

When it’s hot. And you’re at the bottom of the sea. And it’s getting hotter. And hotter. Then you need air.

My Music: The Ghost of Tom Joad

This song is written and originally released by Bruce Springsteen in 1995 and re-released on his newest album called High Hopes. This is an alternate version, true to the original but adding a few instruments to make it stand out.

My Music: Domino

This song is a tribute to Syd Barrett, a founding member of Pink Floyd. Syd passed away in 2006 and I started work on this track shortly thereafter. I would like to thank Josef Ohlmer (@josef-ohlmer) for his excellent saxophone-playing and valuable input in 2013.

My Music: Serenity (Parts 1-5)

pt 1. Serendipity
pt 2. Reality
pt 3. Serenity
pt 4. Apathy
pt 5. Clarity

My Music: I Person

I Person is a story about humanity in a post-Asimovish world paraphrasing his work “I Robot” – with a twist. In this song, we realize that we need to take back humanity from The Machine and return it to where it belongs.

My Music: Fear of Death Unsettles Me

This song is loosely based on the scottish poem “Lament for the Makaris” by William Dunbar (c.1460-c.1513) and the updated version of this poem by Joe Scanlan.